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November 5, 2013


An Embracing Community

I had a unique opportunity this past weekend.

Enjoy Life was one of the lead sponsors of the 1st Annual Food Allergy Bloggers Conference held in Las Vegas. Over 120 IMG_5787 bloggers, advocates, and experts in the food allergy community came together to share ideas, learn from one another, and most importantly to embrace one another, providing support simply by saying “you’re not alone.”

This was such a privilege for us as a company and for me personally.

While speaking on a panel at the conference, I shared with the group that we consider it an honor that you have invited the Enjoy Life brand into your families, into your homes, into your lives. The trust you have placed in our company has allowed us to grow to the size that we are today, and is positioning us for future growth as we continue to look for ways to develop safe foods that will continue to make your families’ lives more enjoyable. We never take this trust for granted, and as I shared with the attendees, and want to share with you, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

On a personal note, I also owe you, our family of consumers, a huge thanks.  I am a professional marketer who has had the great fortune of working on numerous brands over the years. But never have I felt such a connection to a group of consumers as I do to you. The warmth and acceptance that I feel on a daily basis, through your tweets, your emails, our face to face meetings at events throughout the country, or however we may connect, is a phenomenon that I had never before experienced.  Spending the past weekend with this group of passionate, knowledgeable, caring people in the food allergy community was truly special. The way that you embraced me as one of your own means more to me than you will ever know. I thank you.

We continue to be motivated by all of you, no matter what your food intolerances or allergies might be. We share your daily challenges, we understand your needs, and we continue to work every single day finding ways that we can make your lives easier.

Thank-you for allowing us to have the most meaningful and fulfilling mission that a food company can have. And on a personal note, thanks for providing me with the most enjoyable and meaningful job in my long career.

You are truly the best community of passionate consumers with which any company could ever hope to align itself.


June 25, 2013


The Excitement of Change

We recognize that we are in a very unique and life-fulfilling business.

While some people look at our business and describe it as a company that makes great tasting, safe snacks that sell in over 13,000 stores throughout North America, we recognize that we do more than that. We allow people who live their daily lives with food allergies and intolerances, people who are unable to consume gluten without negative effects, and people who choose to consume healthier products as a result of an improved lifestyle choice, a variety of products that allow you to live a normal, healthy life.

That is why when we do make a positive change to our products, we recognize that there are going to be some unhappy people. You might ask why, if we know this, do we move forward with change. Great question, so we thought we would provide a Q & A that addresses some of the reasons why we have improved our products in the manner in which we did.

Cocoa LocoQ: Why have you decided to make a change to the Chewy Bar recipe?

A: Enjoy Life was one of the first companies in North America to provide a safe alternative to a Granola Bar. For years we were the only choice available in the safe bar category, and our sales skyrocketed. Over the years, new brands introduced products into the category following our lead, and our bars, while very good from a taste standpoint, had room for improvement. New flours became available, new baking techniques have been developed, and we felt there was a real opportunity to make a better tasting product that remains Certified Gluten Free and Free From the Top 8 Allergens.

Q: Why change from Sorghum flour, which most GF companies use, to the use of Buckwheat and other ancient grains and flours.

A: We have been using Sorghum flour for years, and we have been one of the largest users of this flour in North America. However, over the last few years, we have noticed that some batches of Sorghum flour have had internal spikes of soy content, which caused us to have to discard the flour. More and more, the Sorghum flour was testing higher than acceptable levels of soy. For most gluten-free companies, this is not an issue. Some of them load their products with soy. Due to the fact that soy is one of the Top 8 allergens, this became unacceptable for us and he had to move away from the Sorghum. While we never produced product with soy in it, we were having to reject too many production lots of flour to create our safe products.

Q: How many of the changes were done so to result in a cost savings to Enjoy Life?

A: Great question. We can honestly tell you, NONE. The flours are not less expensive, the ingredients that we are using have gone up in price over the past two years, and even though when we changed the recipe and upgraded the packaging it was an opportune time to raise the prices, we did not raise the price by one penny. Therefore, this change is costing us more per bar, but we feel with the better taste, we will sell more bars and make it up in volume. The last thing we want to do is cause you additional hardship by raising prices just because we can.

Q: The bars seem smaller, are they?

A: The bars have always been 1 oz. bars, in theory. There was a time when we had a manufacturing problem and the bars were actually coming out larger, but in essence we were providing additional product at no charge. When we fixed our production issues, and were able to bring the bars to the correct size, the 1 oz. bars did seem smaller (they were), but they were actually the correct size. Today, with the new recipe, while the bars remain 1 oz., they actually seem slightly larger due to the fact that they are no longer as dense as they were.

Q: Why did the texture change on the Very Berry, SunButter Crunch, and Caramel Apple Bar?

A: We have changed the way we form our bars prior to baking, and this has resulted in a change for the better. In the past, we used a machine to form the bars, and this particular piece of equipment “pulverized” the ingredients to the point that the goodness of the ingredients were being lost in what we call “mouth feel”. We invested significantly in a new piece of equipment that now allows us to form the bars more consistently, without pulverization, which allows us to create a better tasting bar, with crisps providing for a crunchier, granola-bar like experience, while maintaining the wholesome goodness of the safe ingredients that we have included.

Q: Why did Very Berry become Mixed Berry?

A: Because we want to be as honest as possible. The bar was not very full of berries, but it did have them. When we reintroduced the product in its new packaging, we wanted to be more honest. It has mixed berries, but we thought the word “very” was a stretch.

Q: Why are the re-formulated bars no longer Vegan?

A: 3 of the 4 bars now have our safe rice crisps to give the bars a bit more crunchiness. But the rice crisps have honey as an ingredient. The honey is what is causing the products to no longer be classified as vegan.

Q: Are the “old” bars still available?

A: Sorry to say, no. This new recipe is one that we think appeals to the most people, and we think over time, those people who loved our “old” bars will fall further in love with our “new” bars.

That said, there are some stores that still might have the “old” recipe on shelf. If you love this recipe, we recommend that you buy up the supply that you find. The new bars are already at our distributors and are appearing on shelves as we write this.

Q: With all of these changes, are the products still all verified by the non-GMO project?

A: Absolutely! We remain the #1 gluten-free company when it comes to having ready-made packaged products verified as non-GMO. We are committed to providing safe, great tasting, non-GMO products to all of our consumers.

Q: Will you be changing your other products as well?

A: Funny you should ask. We have a great new recipe for our soft cookies as well, and we will be introducing this at the end of July. Once again, we have looked at how we can bake a great tasting cookie without the Sorghum Flour, thus keeping soy 100% out of the product. You are going to love the enhanced taste of our new Soft-Baked cookies, and you will really adore our new packaging.

All of our products will always be Certified Gluten Free, Free From the Top 8 Allergens, verified Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal certified.

We hope this helps. Bottom line; you know how much we care. We are excited about our new recipes and we hope you share in this excitement. While change is never easy, please know that when we do introduce changes, we do so after great thought, healthy and lengthy internal discussion, and most of all with the majority of our consumers in mind. We never make these changes lightly, and we greatly appreciate your understanding and support.

All that said, we love to hear from you, and we welcome your comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter. Or feel free to email me directly at jwarady@enjoylifefoods.com. We welcome the opportunity to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for your great support of the Enjoy Life brand.

April 8, 2013


An Honor to be Nominated

I received an interesting email the other day, and after reading it, I allowed myself a few days to reflect upon its contents. Allow me to share a portion of the email:

You are in elite company!

You have been nominated for a Naked Pizza Foggy Award! What is a Foggy (Free of Gluten) Award you ask? The first awards to honor the individuals that shine light on the gluten-free community.

About the award:

-Your community can vote for you as much as they’d like until May 1st. We will announce winners to kick off Celiac Disease Awareness Month.

My initial reaction, as you can imagine, was to feel very honored. I have had the good fortune of being honored in the past for work that I have done in previous businesses in other industries, but there is really something special about the food intolerance community, our community. To be recognized within this special community brings an added significance to the nomination. And when you look at the other brand executives with whom I share the nomination, well it certainly is humbling. All are worthy of recognition.foggy-awards-nominee-high-res2-300x300

The reality is, this nomination is not about me. It might have my name as the designated nominee, but the fact of the matter is, this nomination is so much greater than a nomination for Joel Warady.

This nomination is for the over 100 people that work at Enjoy Life Foods, who every single day are 100% focused on creating safe, great-tasting products that all families can enjoy.

This nomination is for the thousands of people who work at our supplier companies, making sure that our ingredients are properly prepared so they always remain safe, that the printed packaging is always there when we are packing your product fresh, and that the testing of our products happens daily so we are able to maintain the quality and safety you have rightly come to expect.

This nomination is for the certifying bodies who have taken the time to set the strict guidelines that are in place which have allowed us to commit to being Certified Gluten Free, verified non-GMO on all products, Kosher and Halal certified, and allow us to make the claim that there are no artificial ingredients in any of the over 40 products that we produce.

This nomination is for the over 12,000 retail locations in North America who have made the decision to have Enjoy Life products on their shelves, and for those same retailers who each and every year choose to expand their product selection to make it easier to find our products in your area.

And most importantly, this nomination is for you, the millions of consumers who choose to buy our products and have us as guests in your home. We never take this for granted, and we strive to earn this right to enter your home each and every day.

Here is what we know; when you make the decision to purchase an Enjoy Life product, you do so for three reasons:

  • You know the product will taste great
  • You know that when you see the red oval logo with the Enjoy Life name, you can trust that it is safe for you and your family.
  • You know that you want to take care of your family/yourself, and you do so for love of family, or simply the love of life itself.
  • Taste, Trust and Love; it is the cornerstone of what we do at Enjoy Life Foods.

So back to the nomination. It’s an honor, but the honor is not for me. It is for all of us, all whom I have mentioned previously. We are being recognized for all of the extra things that we do, and that includes the extra special gifts that our consumers bring to the community.

I’m not one to campaign, and truly if this was just about me, I’d be pretty passive about it. But this is an opportunity for all of us to send a message to the industry:

If you believe it is important to be:

  • Certified Gluten Free, instead of just promising to be gluten-free…
  • Verified non-GMO, instead of saying it is hard to do and takes time…
  • More than Gluten-Free, but also free from the top 8 allergens
  • Kosher & Halal Certified, because the more we have people checking on us, the better…
  • Competitively priced to allow you and your family the opportunity to enjoy our products more often…
  • 100% transparent, which is why as a company we connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, our website, email, and the good old telephone…

then you can vote for us. For a vote for us is a vote for the Enjoy Life Foods community. A vote for us sends a message that you believe in what we are doing, and more importantly in the way in which we are doing it. A vote for us will in no small way allow us to express our thanks and gratitude to the thousands of people who help us bring our products to the millions of you.

You can place your vote here. You can vote as many times as you’d like, and feel free to share this blog post with your friends and relatives.

Thanks for being great supporters of the Enjoy Life brand, and a valued member of our community. Thanks for allowing us to recognize all of the people who make us the respected company we are today.


March 14, 2013


Natural Products Expo West 2013 – Mission Accomplished!

Part of my responsibilities (along with many, many others…) is strategy, preparation, planning and execution for our trade shows. Natural Products Expo West is our largest tradeshow of the year, our “Super Bowl” if you will. And, if I do say so myself, we outdid ourselves this year.


New year, new booth, new Enjoy Life.

I look back and get the chills thinking about how we have evolved as a brand. 4 years ago, at my very first Expo West, I was brought as an extra set of hands. I was overwhelmed by the experience, and back then we were just a small booth hidden in a corner with some roll up banners. This year, we filled out a 20’ x 20’ booth with a real wooden back wall, chef’s station(with our friend Kendra Peterson from Drizzle Kitchen cooking up treats using our products each day), display units, and a HUGE hanging sign proudly displaying our logo, and plenty of samples of Plentils and our new Decadent Bars.

So much more than planning an event goes into planning for Expo West. We need a reason for being, we need to draw a crowd, we need to have new news to offer to the retailers and distributors. It’s all about expanding the business and doing what we do best, making innovative products that are free from gluten and the top 8 food allergens and taste amazing. To break it down in the simplest way possible, Expo West is a gateway for us to show our products to retailers and distributors, to then get the products on your local storeshelves so you can enjoy them! It’s a process to get a product on shelf to saythe least, but Expo West is step 1 in the long journey!

Joel already stole my thunder with announcing the Decadent Bar launch and the relaunch of Crunchy Rice. But, he is my boss, so I guess he’s allowed to do that… Those were our big highlights for the show this year, and did it go over well! We got great feedback on the products, and people came back each day for more samples. The early feedback is hopefully, a great indicator of what our consumers will think when they are available in stores (coming over the next few months, and available on our site within the next few weeks!).

After months and months of planning, and a long 5 days at the Anaheim Convention Center, I arrived back at the office on Tuesday and thought “now what?”. Then, I glanced at my “Post Expo West” list I had started on my white board before I headed to Anaheim last week…

Better get started working on that list….

Check out pictures from our whirlwind Expo West adventure here.



March 8, 2013


Eating Freely in OZ

Report from Natural Products Expo West (Anaheim, CA)

The show starts this morning, but in this post, I want to share with you about our night last night.

After a long and sweaty day of booth set-up (it takes us two days now to get the booth just right for the onslaught of 60,000 people), we showered (thankfully), rested a bit and then put on our fancy west-coast chic duds. What was the occasion? We were going to the movies.

But I have to tell you, not just any movie.

Enjoy Life was one of the Gold Sponsors for the Walt Disney presents Thursday Night at the IMG_4434Movies previewing Oz, The Great and Powerful. Held on the lot  of Walt Disney Studios, the preview benefited Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), which used to be FANN. The evening was a huge success resulting in over $300,000 raised for a great cause.

Disney has always been a leader in the food allergy community and those of you who have had a chance to visit their parks know that they cater to the food intolerant community. You might also be aware that they have been a great partner of ours and you can find Enjoy Life products throughout their theme parks. When we were asked to partner with Walt Disney Company and be one of the sponsors of this great event, with the proceeds going to FARE, well, we simply could not pass it up.

Working with great people, enjoying great experiences. I have to say, it was pretty cool to be walking down the inner streets of Disney Studios, having hors d’oeuvres on a OZ decorated sound stage, and then finding our company name emblazoned on reserved seats in a beautiful theatre with the best sound, fantastic 3-D imagery, and extremely comfortable stadium seats. Did we mention the free popcorn?

The Enjoy Life team posing with the townspeople from the Land of Oz.

The Enjoy Life team posing with the townspeople from the Land of Oz.

Thanks to Disney for hosting this great event. Thanks to FARE for all of the work that they do in supporting food allergy research. Finally thanks to the evening’s organizers for allowing us to be part of this great opportunity to give back to the community that supports us on a daily basis.

So far, a great week in Anaheim. And the show still hasn’t even started….

March 7, 2013


Over Two Years to Achieve True Decadence

Report from Natural Products Expo West (Pre-Show)

In yesterday’s blog post, I mentioned that we are about to exhibit at the world’s largest natural products trade show, Natural Products Expo West, in Anaheim CA. The show officially starts on Friday of this week and runs through the end of day on Sunday. We’ll be posting photos of the our participation at the show on our Facebook, Twitter, and brand new Instagram page. We want you to share in the show excitement.

One of the exciting things that happens at this show is the introduction of new products. If you want to get an advance look at what products will be introduced onto the store shelves over the next six months, this is the place to be. It is fascinating to see the new flavor ideas, ingredient trends, packaging designs, nutritional focus, and above all, have the opportunity to taste the new products to see what’s about to be a big hit, or a major bomb.

With that in mind, before the rest of the world sees it on Friday, we want to give you a sneak peek to our newest product launch, and give you an idea as to what went into this extremely exciting product line.

Enjoy Life Decadent Bars

Available in four 100% naturally decadent flavors (S’mores, Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate EJ_Choc_Sunbutter_3DR_v2SunButter, and Cherry Cobbler), these bars are one of the best tasting product lines we have ever introduced. Using unique grains, no artificial ingredients, a proprietary blend of flours, 100% certified gluten-free, free from dairy, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish and shellfish, verified non-GMO, kosher and halal certified, these bars are one of the most amazing product developments ever introduced into the category, by any company. (Did we mention the melt-in-your mouth drizzle on top of the bar? Yum!)

To provide you with some insight as to what’s involved when we introduce a product, we thought we would share with you the significant timeline for this product development. It will help you better understand why it takes as long as it does to get new products onto the retailer’s store shelves.

December, 2010:     New Product Development Meeting for Decadent Bars

January, 2011:         Proposal Accepted from Internationally Known Development Kitchen

March 2011:             Ideation of Taste, Texture, Ingredients

May 2011:                 First Taste Trials

August, 2011:           New Equipment Identified for Production

December 2011:       Launch Strategy Developed

March 2012:             Ingredients Sourced and Costings Completed

June 2012:                Decision to Move Forward on Project

July 2012:                 Kick-off Meeting for Taste Refinement

August 2012:            Production Equipment Ordered

September 2012:      Package Design Commenced

December 2012:       Recipes Finalized, Trial Production

February 2013:         Packaging Completed, First Production Run

March 2013:             Introduction to the Trade – Expo West

May 2013:                 Product Will Start to Appear on Shelf

There you have it. It has taken us over two years to develop our new bars that are more decadent than you can ever imagine. This timeline might seem long, especially for a nimble company such as Enjoy Life, but when you are doing what we are doing, the time involved is significant.

These days, it is pretty easy to make a Gluten Free Bar. Everyone is doing it; in fact this week alone many major companies are introducing their “me-too” entries into the category. But there is a reason why no other company is introducing a line of Gluten Free bars that are also free from the top 8 allergens, verified non-GMO, made with absolutely no artificial ingredients, and most of all, tastes so good you would never know it is produced for people with food intolerances. It’s really difficult to do.

Some people ask us how we do what we do and wonder if it is magic. This makes us smile.

It isn’t magic that makes us as good as we are. It’s leadership, expertise, and the willingness to get it right. Rather than rush product to the shelf like many of our competitors, we choose to get it right. Even if it does take over 2 years from concept to shelf.

Thanks for being patient. It allows us to provide you with the very best products that are great tasting and safe for the entire family. You should see what we have in store for you coming out in 2015. We’re working on it right now.








March 6, 2013

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On the Road Again

Today’s post will be a quickie update.

Enjoy Life is on its way to Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. This is the world’s largest trade show for the natural products industry, held each year in southern California. At this show, over 60,000 people will be in attendance, including all of the store owners and buyers who make the decisions as to what products will be on their shelves.

All companies in the natural products industry, from huge behemoths like General Mills, to small start-ups who formulate their granola in their Portland kitchen, will be in attendance trying to convince retailers that their product is the one that HAS to be on the store shelf. Not easy to do, as we are all vying for the attention of the retail executives and store owners as they walk through literally thousands of booths of great-tasting products.Trade Show Shirts

As Kasey Moss, our Senior Marketing Manager stated in an internal email the other day, this is our Super Bowl. This is when we have to look our best, be our best, tell the best story, and convince the retailers that there are literally hundreds of thousands (millions!) of people waiting for the next Enjoy Life product to be introduced. The more vocal our customers are, the easier it is to share the story. At the end, it is all about winning. Winning the hearts and minds of the retailers, so you, our customers, have a better tasting, more extensive selection of Enjoy Life products for you and your family.

Over the next few days, we’ll share some quick posts from the show, including previews of our brand-spanking new products. Exciting times at Enjoy Life as we introduce one of the best-tasting, most decadent products we have ever developed. More on that over the next couple of days.

If you are at the show, make sure you stop by Booth #3950 to say hello. If you are not fortunate enough to attend (sorry, the show is only open to the trade, no consumers), visit our Facebook page over the next five days as we continue to update photos, videos and posts to allow you to be at the show with us, at least virtually.

On our way to Anaheim…


February 18, 2013


Right on Target

A couple of weeks ago, we had a meeting at Target headquarters in Minneapolis. Target is a great partner of ours, and we were both pleased and honored to be invited in to share our thoughts on the Free From category and where we see it headed in the next 24 months.

There is nothing like visiting Minneapolis in the dead of winter. The day that we were there the high temperature was 2 degrees, with the wind chill hovering around -17. While it is true that you can walk the whole downtown without ever going outside (the buildings are connected by overhead walkways and tunnels to allow its citizens to survive the winter), once you leave the downtown area, outside is not a choice but a necessity. We survived.

Back to Target. In their lobby they have a set of 6 ft. high, 3 ft. wide permanent displays illustrating the tenets of their business. A greatIMG_4259 way to make sure all Target team members as well as suppliers are constantly reminded of the values and mission of the company.

One particular statement struck me more than others.

“We’re Fast, Fun, and Friendly” 

It went on to say, “its not just how we act, it’s how we are. It’s an energy we create. It’s our mantra. It’s in our DNA.”

I love this. “It’s in our DNA”. This is what makes a great company. A lot of companies can act like they love what they are doing. They can act like they love their customers. They can act as if they are on a mission to be the best, and act as if they are having fun doing it. But for many, it is simply that. An act. Eventually those companies falter.

Yet when its in the DNA of the company, the company will prosper. The brand will dominate. You can’t clone DNA; you can only create your own.

Target owns their cache because Fast, Fun and Friendly is in their DNA. We are fortunate to be able to learn from them.

February 11, 2013

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For the Love of the Game

Growing a brand is not for the feint of heart. Being an entrepreneur is harder yet. Marry the two together and what you have is the “perfect storm of stress”.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. (Here’s a little secret. I’ve never written a résumé and I’ve never had to apply for a job). I’ve been fortunate. I’m not saying that things have come easy to me, but I have been blessed to have been in businesses I love. I’ve experienced both success and failure (more of the latter than the former), and have enjoyed each and every challenge that has presented itself to me. While it is true that today I’m a full-time paid employee at Enjoy Life, I still feel like an entrepreneur and manage the Sales and Marketing of the company accordingly.

Back to the discussion of the existing challenges of brand building when you’re an entrepreneur. It is seriously difficult to do. There is never enough money to tell the brand story in the proper manner. There are new products that roll round in your head that never get launched due to limited R&D funds. There are package design changes that never get executed due to tight budgets. Larger brands that have endless rainbows of cash have the ability to buy shelf space in supermarkets creating a barrier to entry for smaller brands. Suffice it to say, it isn’t easy. Yet entrepreneurs continue to launch new products on a daily basis. Unknown

I was having this same conversation with a friend the other day. She has recently launched a line of products in the natural products space, and as is similar for most entrepreneurs, she has experienced a tremendous amount of frustration as she has struggled with the launch of her brand. Struggles lead to stress. Stress leads to anxiety. She shared with me what many people have stated over the years when they share their war stories of entrepreneurship; “If I would have known how hard it was going to be, I’m not sure I would have started this.”

I can’t tell you how any times I hear this. It is the rallying cry for those of us who live through this experience. So why do we do this? Why do entrepreneurs do what they do?

There are different reasons for different people. Some do it because they have an idea they simply can’t get out of their head. Some do it for glory. Some do it to get rich (and this seldom ever pans out). Some do it to change the world. Finally some do it for the fun of it. To me, that’s the best reason.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. Starting with a paper route in the 4th grade, I’ve been working non-stop since I was 10 years old. 46 years of challenges. 4 plus decades of stress. Most importantly, almost a half-century of fun.

I build brands, and I do it for the pure joy of growing businesses. Being part of the team that is building the Enjoy Life brand; well it truly is one of the best gigs around. Thanks for allowing us to do what we do, and for making us part of your family.


February 8, 2013


Crunchy Flax with Chia is a Winner!

When you are working as hard and fast as we are, sometimes you don’t give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You keep pushing, moving forward, developing new products, creating new package designs, getting new products on shelf, building new retail relationships, getting samples into the hands of new consumers.

Then, when you least expect it, you get a bit of recognition that allows you to stop for a moment and enjoy your hard work.

That happened to us while we were at Fancy Foods Winter show.

NASFT, the association that runs this show, asked food experts from the likes of Good Morning America, CBS TV, Better Homes and Garden, PBS, NPE, and others to walk the show and find the best products that exemplify the food trends in 2013. Out of 80,000 products at the show, these industry experts chose 15 products as the trendsetting products of the show.

Crunchy Flax with Chia, one of our newest cereals, was one of these products.


How’s that for leading the pack! Certified Gluten Free, Free From the Top 8 Allergens, Verified Non-GMO, and now a trendsetting product for 2013.

Note to all of the retail buyers who have yet to approve this product for your own stores. It is 2013, and this product is considered a trendsetter. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???